Eyve standing outdoors and posing with her hands together. She is surrounded by young trees and other tall plants.
Eyve is posing in front of a butterfly bush - a plant with long purple flowers. She has a purple afro. She is wearing a brown suit and bangles. She has one hand curved over her head and another curved in front of her torso.
Eyve poses against a large wall of stone. She has a purple afro and is wearing a brown suit. She has one hand touching the tock above her head and another touching her torso.
Eyve poses for a phot outdoors. There is a lake and tall trees in the background. Eyvehas a purple afro. She is wearing a brown suit and bangles. She has both hands in front of her with her fingers touching, forming an upside down triangle.
A close up portrait of Eyve. She has a purple afro and is wearing a charm which dangles over her face. Her hand is outstretched towards the camera.

Sista! Beyond the sky isn’t the limit

Eyve Madyise

image: Eyve Madyise | Najma Abukar

Sista! Beyond the Sky isn’t the Limit is the second EP release from the sensational singer, songwriter and rapper, EYVE. Through this new body of genre defying music, EYVE has explored and woven together ballroom culture with the deep rooted threads of her Zimbabwean heritage.

As a queer black woman, society puts us to the bottom of the totem pole. It’s high time that’s defied! We can do anything we put our minds to. Sista! Beyond The Sky Isn’t The Limit will focus on the deep seated issues of being a black and queer refugee woman. Of not being ‘typical’ of a black woman. Of surviving that and striving in society, regardless of all the expectations and disadvantages. It’s an idea I developed to articulate my roots, my sexuality, my dark skin, my potential as a woman-being and my journey from migrant to asylum seeker to refugee. I would like to make some quality music that expresses my uniqueness as an artist. I hope to touch people’s hearts and bring a new genre of music that can get people dancing.’

A standout track titled Um Indecisive takes centre stage, embodying a celebration of stepping beyond one’s comfort zone. The song not only encourages embracing the love that surrounds us but also grounding oneself in it for reassurance. At the heart of EYVE’s project is the music video accompanying Um Indecisive, a visual representation of her artistic vision.

The EP and music video have been developed through collaboration with a diverse range of local creative talents, spanning artists, musicians, dancers, and instrumentalists each contributing their unique flair to the creative fusion. The list includes members of House Ball Scotland and I.DY, an evolving entity led by and focussed on Queer, Trans, Intersex Black, Indigenous & People of Colour (QTIBIPOC) working across the arts in Scotland. Among the featured artists are DJ Ramsay, Axor, Megan Johnson, Babyjaii, Purina Alpha and Nongee Kahuure.

Um Indecisive and it’s accompanying music video will debut on Saturday 4th of November with a special listening party taking place at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow. The event is free but ticketed. Join the guestlist here.

Sista! Beyond the Sky isn’t the Limit will be released early next year. Look out for more details on the EP release coming soon.


EYVE is a singer, songwriter and rapper from Zimbabwe, currently based in Glasgow. Her music takes its influence from African culture where she enjoys mixing different genres together, creating a unique sound. Her song lyrics are often grounded in self-appreciation and her experiences as a black queer woman. EYVE has worked closely with Musicians in Exile, SoundLab, MusicSpace and performed in 2021 at COP26 and with Cryptic Nights in 2022.