Our projects support interdisciplinary artists’ and activists’ ideas and development through commissions and collaboration. We work with them to build relationships with arts and cultural organisations and reach local, national and international audiences. We produce work that is artist led, multi-lingual and meaningful for everyone involved in the process.

Sista! Beyond the sky isn’t the limit

Eyve Madyise

Sista! Beyond the Sky isn’t the Limit is the second EP release from the sensational singer, songwriter and rapper, EYVE. Through this new body of genre defying music, EYVE has explored and woven together ballroom culture with the deep rooted threads of her Zimbabwean heritage.

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Eyve standing outdoors and posing with her hands together. She is surrounded by young trees and other tall plants.

Beyond the Lines

Lucas Chih-Peng Kao Aref Ghorbani Paria Moazemi Goodarzi Adam Kashmiry Ako Zada Alaa Saloum Ernesto Fernandez Meray Diner Midya Jan Razan Madhoon Sara Shaarawi Sawsan Al Areeqe

  Beyond the Lines is a poetic short film inspired by a collection of texts, sounds and stories by writers from refugee backgrounds now settled in Scotland.

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Three artists sat close together behind a small table covered by a table cloth. They are taking part in a panel discussion. The artist on the right is speaking to the crowd and gesturing with his hand. The other two artists face the crowd smiling and listening. There are glasses of water, a headset and an open notebook on the table.


Paria Moazemi Goodarzi Francisco Llinas Casas Claricia Parinussa Kruithof

An interactive performance documenting a 23-mile walk from Dungavel Detention Centre to the Home Office in Glasgow as part of the Refuge series in collaboration with Edinburgh International Festival.

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Two people walk down an empty country road wearing mirrors on their back. Each mirror has text and a carving of a bird. The road is surrounded by fields of grass and gorse. The sky above is grey.

Everyday Hope

Najma Abukar

Everyday Hope is a series of photographic portraits by artist Najma Abukar, accompanied by conversations with eight people who have lived experience of forced displacement and who are now settled in Scotland.

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Lula posing in front of a brick wall. She is facing the camera and smiling brightly.

It Will Live

Leena Nammari

An impactful floating installation of a house in Ramallah, known, loved and photographed for 35 years.

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A close up of a modern building in Edinburgh. The facade is made from glass and iron. There is a large photograph of an older, Brick house in Ramallah placed against the glass and facing outwards onto the street.


Aref Ghorbani Claricia Parinussa Kruithof Farah Saleh Francisco Llinas Casas Leena Nammari Paria Moazemi Goodarzi Zozan Yasar

Refuge was a season of contemporary theatre, dance, visual art, film and conversation created in collaboration with Edinburgh International Festival to explore themes of refugeehood, migration, identity and inclusion.

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Aref Ghorbani posing in front of a wooden bookcase. He has dark hair and facial hair, is wearing a floral shirt and is sitting on a wooden chair. He is holding a setar, a small and long string instrument made from wood.

Vocal نم یادص

Aref Ghorbani Zozan Yasar

Vocal was a performance of Persian classical and folk music by Iranian vocalist and musician Aref Ghorbani, hosted by Kurdish journalist Zozan Yasar as part of the Refuge series in collaboration with Edinburgh International Festival in August 2022.

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Three musicians are sat in a row on stage in front of an audience. They are illuminated by a stage light. Aref is sitting in the middle with his legs crossed and is speaking to the crowd using a microphone.